Love // Freedom

Love; it’s more than the attraction. Physical, emotional, both, it doesn’t end there. Love conquers all, no exceptions. Love is life. You cannot feel without it, you cannot live without it. 

But with all the confusion and dishonesty in the world, how is it that we recognize what’s real and what isn’t? Its simple; we just do.

Real, true love brings you distinct, almost instantly recognizable feelings, whether or not you’ve experienced it before. It may or may not be slightly different for everyone lucky enough to stumble upon it. But one thing is for sure; it brings you life.

Love feels like coming up for fresh air after suffering in the waves that seemed they’d never stop crashing.

Love feels like your entire being at rest, in a deep relaxation, after days and days of each and every muscle and nerve fighting for survival. 

When you’ve spent all this time and energy fighting, trying, gasping for air only to come up with mouthfuls of impure, salty seawater; it feels as if you’re back to square one with no signs of the struggle lessening. 

Until suddenly, whilst your aching arms and legs begin to give in and lock up, you spot an island of boulders in the distance. You find that though it’s still a struggle to glide yourself through the water pressure of the immense waves, the hope is there.

The hope and desire to really live life is what brings you the strength you need in order to keeping pushing, swimming, and to climb.

You’re aware, once you’ve reached the island of boulders, that all the rocks aren’t that smooth. There are edges sharp enough to scar, and areas wet enough for you to slip.

But you’ve already come this far and worked this hard. A little more pain and discomfort is worth the freedom of reaching the top, feeling your skin soaking in the sun, and inhaling the freshest, most energizing air you’ve ever had a taste of.

That moment of blissful rest; simply existing and the pure happiness and gratitude of that triumphant, strengthening moment. That is what love feels like. Following your instincts, listening to your heart, and surviving, together. As a team.

Love feels like freedom.


Resilience & The Lotus Flower

   It wasn’t until recently that I began thinking in-depth about why people are the way that they are. It takes a certain level of maturity to be reached in order to really understand the importance of being understanding towards others. A good habit to get into is to always treat others the way you want to be treated. We’re taught this at a very young age, but not the importance of it, and most of us seem to forget.
   Practicing gratitude each day is very important for your overall happiness. If we are never grateful for what we have, how can we ever feel satisfied? The key is to be thankful for all that is good, grateful that things are not worse, and hopeful for the future. Stay humble & kind, and you should never have a reason to doubt what you deserve.
   Everyone has gone through some sort of struggles in their life. Suffering is inevitable across the globe, throughout all creatures. All on different levels, all having different effects. However, each individual deals with their suffering in unique ways, some maybe not at all. That’s perfectly okay as long as you’re content and always pushing forward and working toward your future. Set goals for yourself & do your best to gradually work towards them.
   I love the comfort that the symbolism behind the lotus flower brings. The lotus grows in muddy waters, rising above into the sunlight, to present the world its beautiful petals. This growth itself represents new beginnings, the purity of the heart & mind, and the journey of one’s soul into the sunshine of enlightenment.
   The man I love used a lotus flower to cover up an old tattoo of his which reminded him of a dark time.
   I hope it brings him as much strength & comfort as he needs; same as all of you.

The Importance of Growth

From birth, we learn from mostly observation. Some things are instinctual, but most are formed habits we develop from watching those around us. We subconciously act like those we spend most of our time with; that’s just the science of it.  Now knowing this simple truth in the world, there are so many things one would potentially wonder about, such as how this affects our decision making and/or personal growth.

My personal belief is that everything in this universe is somehow interconnected. We’ve all heard the law in science which states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be converted. I myself am a very thoughtful person, in more than one sense, and so for me, all new knowledge always brings up more questions. I’ve found that the best way to search for answers is to not only look within yourself to interpret your own wisdom, but to also turn to others for guidance and their personal opinions. There’s always something so powerful about the process of bouncing ideas/concepts off of each other.

Growing up, watching those you love constantly being negative about themselves, or even you, only teaches you that that is the norm and that it’s okay to put yourself down. But not a lot of people actually understand how harmful constant negativity can be. Of course there will be days where you just feel completely out of it, mad at the world maybe, and that’s fine. As long as you don’t let yourself have more bad days than good. That continuous cycle of sadness is happening for a reason. Only you yourself  can accurately identify your triggers and make the necessary changes in your life to be genuinely happy. It may take longer than you hope, but that’s just life. Not everything is in our power. The sooner we realize this and only worry about the things we can control, the sooner we’ll be at peace with ourselves and our lives.

The biggest obstacle in my life is my mental health.

I’ve been diagnosed with a number of mental health issues since my early childhood, and I used to struggle a lot with so many of these issues I had with myself. It was all because of a combination of genetics, circumstances/experiences, and the types of people around me. Very little, if any of it, was in my control. But now that I’m growing up, I’m finally realizing all the things I can do to change & help myself. This blog will document my personal growth journey, as well as hopefully help inspire others to seek happiness & peace too.

With each painful experience comes necessary wisdom. Therefore, I’ll never regret a seemingly bad/wrong decision, but rather learn from it and grow.

“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.”

– Napoleon Hill